The Lion and the Lamb


March – A Lion and a Lamb

March is flying by very quickly.  I hope that your year is progressing along in a way that is drawing you closer to God.  I pray that you are able to see the abundant life that God has to show you and teach you new ways to adore Him in all the things around you.  I always remember my grade school days and the art projects that centered on whether March came in as a lion or a lamb.  It always refers to weather and we would inevitably decorate a paper plate as a lion or a lamb after we saw the weather for the first day of the month.

As I was thinking about this, it reminded me how God is referenced as a lion and a lamb.  How can God be referenced as two animals that are completely different and probably would not do well if they were in the same area together?  A lion is fierce, shows courage, and calls his own species to him by letting out a loud roar.  A lamb is meek, gentle and follows his shepherd or other sheep.  Yet the Bible refers to God in both ways.  One particular place where God is referred to as a mighty lion is in the book of Hosea. Hosea 11:10 says, “They shall walk after the LORD:  he shall roar like a lion:  when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west.”  God is referred to with a lion’s roar which denotes His power.  His loud roar extends to all parts of the earth.  He calls all of us to tremble and fear Him so that we will also obey Him.  Sometimes it takes a loud voice or a startling event for us to tremble and remember that God is calling us to Him.  God is the Lion of Judah that sits upon the throne in heaven as a King.

The Bible also refers to God as a lamb.  The Old Testament uses a lamb in many stories of sacrifice.  It was the sacrificial lamb that was used to represent the Lamb of God that would one day come.  Animal sacrifices in the Old Testament were used to offer atonement for sins. In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to as the Lamb of God.  John 1:29 says, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”  When Jesus died on the cross for us, it was the ultimate sacrifice and the final sacrifice to take away our sins once and for all.  It didn’t mean that we would not still sin but it offered the chance for forgiveness to all of us if we ask God for it.

The lion and the lamb are two very different creatures but we have those characteristics in the same God.  The same God that would let out a loud roar to call us to Him is the same one that sent His own son to the cross to be the sacrificial lamb for us so that we may be forgiven.  In this world of chaos, storms, struggles and despair, we know that we have God who is both a mighty lion and a gentle lamb.  He will roar when we may be having trouble obeying Him.  He will be that soft lamb, ready to cuddle and forgive us when we humble ourselves.  Whether March enters like a lion or a lamb, we should start turning our focus to Easter and the events that led up to the cross and the ultimate sacrifice.

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