I was a wife to a wonderful pastor and a mom to a beautiful girl.  Now I am a widow but I am still a mom.  Although being a mom is not enough because I want to inspire and help people by continuing the legacy set forth by my husband.

The love of my life for over 20 years passed away quietly during a nap one Fall day.  My daughter (12 yrs old at the time) found him and that phone call changed my life forever.  I rushed home from work only to find a crowd of people and emergency personnel in my home.  Life was shattered as they told me he was already gone.

Since then, I have learned that Faith is created in simple things.  The things that I used to worry about or get frustrated about seem insignificant now.  The sudden death of a loved one can change that.  It helps you refocus and look at life much differently.  You start to appreciate the sunsets, admire the blooms on the trees and appreciate each breath and heartbeat that you feel.  The simple things become what is important.  I literally can breathe in music, nature, and simple things.  For me, my faith is stronger because of those simple things.  Writing has become a therapy for me and it helps me to express myself in a way that goes deep, beyond the surface of everyday life.  It helps me to share this new faith journey.  Welcome to my journey and I pray that it can help you too.