I am a Cherished Woman

It is 2017.  We have a new President, Donald J. Trump.  We also have alot of controversy over a Women’s Movement.  I am not sure that I am all into it because it seems to contradict the way that I feel.  I realize that there are those who calmly stand up for equal rights for women and I respect that.  However, the extremists show vulgarities on social media and TV that do not line up with how I intend to raise our daughter, especially now as a single parent. I was forced into being a single parent.  I did not seek it.  I would do anything to have my husband by my side but his life on this earth was shorter than we planned.  So here is my plan.

I will raise her to know that she is a cherished woman.  She is cherished because she was created by God.  He knew her long before we did and He knows every beautiful red hair on her head.  One day, I hope that she will be cherished by a man who loves and respects her.

I will raise her to know that she can do anything that she sets her mind to do.  She can do any job that makes her happy — whether it is being a stay at home mom, a marine biologist or a corporate executive.

I will raise her to know to respect herself and others.  I will teach her that protesting with vulgar signs, things on her head or body is not respecting herself or teaching others to look to her with respect.  If she wants people to hear her feelings, arguments or discussions, she will do it in a respectful way.

I will raise her to know that she had a wonderful father who respected his wife.  As his wife, I submitted to him as the head of our household because that is what the Bible says.  Submission does not equal bullying and does not give permission for a man to control his wife.  Mike always encouraged me to follow my dreams and grow as a woman, wife and mother.  He supported me in all things and we made decisions on things together.  My hope for her is to find someone like her dad — someone who will help her to follow her dreams as he leads the household in the way God directs.

I will raise her to know that she can be beautiful on the outside but it is more important to be beautiful on the inside.  She should live her life with a heart for God and a heart for others.

Let’s all commit to raise our daughters (and sons, if you have them) to be a generation that won’t have to protest because they will be living in a generation that loves and respects one another.


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